History of Jamu

  • Jamu was founded in 2005 in Brisbane, Australia. Lydia Leong founded her company in the hopes of bringing beautiful swimwear and custome made items to the people of her city. She never started making mastectomy wear at first. Instead, it was just regular swimwear until a young woman came into your store asking for a mastectomy design that would mask the fact that she had recently had surgery and one of your breasts was removed.

    Ms Leong decided to try her hand at creating a swimsuit that would bring confidence to the young woman and other women like her. She created a handful of exceptional work and debuted them all to her young customer. She loved each and every one of them, but only chose one for herself. This new line up of designs were destined for the trash, but as so much work had gone into them, Lydia started to advertise her shop as having a limited run of mastectomy bikinis and swimsuits in for the season.

    Her shop's popularity exploded and it was not long before Lydia Leong realised her collection was only one of a small number that actually made people excited and something that they loved to wear. She eventually moved into the sole production of these bikinis and swimsuits, putting regular designs and the fierce competition that comes with them to one side. Now she had a niche item that people could truly love and an audience that would always turn to her when they wanted something new.

    The mastectomy industry, thanks to the publicity of Ms Leong's rise to stardom, has grown to a new level of success. Also, the confidence of woman who have had breast surgery is growing day by day, partly because they are being noticed by big businesses and being catered for by dedicated designers. The mastectomy swimwear industry is enjoying a Renaissance of new innovation and magnificent designs.

    Jamu is right at the forefront of this development. Specialists like Jamu are needed in any area of invention as they concentrate on the tricky problems that so many other general designs don't have time to solve or perfect. Jamu are dedicated to their work and create new swimwear based on how much they can change and contribute, not how many new trendy designs they can release per season.

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