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  • Jamu was foudned in 2005, making it a thoroughly modern brand. Jamu is connected deeply and intimately with today's world, such as using super durable fibres to create the look they want and using technology to bring their designs to the rest of the world.

    The internet is a great way to stage their work and bring it out into the open. You can get all of Jamu's wonderful work online, very easily and this site is the only one you'll need to do so.

    We like to concentrate on imagery and information, so you can get hold of a swimsuit you know you'll love. To do this, all the information you need is contained behind each image. Click on one and it'll exand into a much more comprehensive list collection of highlights, pictures, angles and styling suggestions. We've included as much information as possible on each page and we keep the most up to date information on our site, so you'll never encounter an item that's sold out. If you ever do, our intelligent search system will send you to a page where you can find something very similar and familiar.

    We update this site every day so that only the most beautiful and recent items of the Jamu collection are present. We do leave the older items on as we also want to be a place where you can find past items too. This is a great way to see how trends progress and what you might want to wear a year from now. Just a little research makes it incredibly easy to plot out where fashion is headed and the direction you need to go in if sticking to the ebb and flow of the moment is something you want to do.

    If not, you can look back over past Jamu collections and see what is the most retro choice. Then, when it comes to updating your wardrobe, you can have a clear idea of what specifically you want to search for when you're browsing for a new mastectomy bikini or swimsuit.

    Whatever you're looking for, we have it here if it has anything to do with Jamu and their work. You can find more information on the wonderful Australian designer here than anywhere else on the net and it's the only site that has an effective way to browse through their entire offering all at once.

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